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The following is a list of missions featured in Grand Theft Auto V. This article is about the known missions that will be in GTA V, which have been shown in trailers, GameInformer, and by other promotional material

Los Santos Missions

Unknown Boss

Name Character Appearances Reward Unlocks Overview
The Extraction Michael
Unknown Unknown The mission involves all three of the Protagonists who have to do a "snatch and grab" mission for the FIB. This mission is the first time Franklin and Trevor meet.
Blitz Play Michael
Unknown Unknown The three protagonists ram a securicar with a Large Tow Truck then proceed to open the back door with explosives. After the money is collected the police try to stop the three protagonists. Michael and Franklin are both on the ground and Trevor provides sniper support from a higher location.Then they escape the police with a vechicle that the player placed before the mission started.
Pest Control Michael
Unknown Unknown The mission involves the three protagonists robbing a jewellery store. The player chooses whether they want to go in "loud and stupid", in which they simply threaten the people inside before stealing the jewellery; or the player can go in quiet and "smart", where gas is poured into the room, making those inside pass out as the three protagonists steal the jewellery.

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