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{{Template:Spoiler}}This is a list of [[Missions|missions]] in [[The Ballad of Gay Tony]]. In total there are 30 missions, 6 side-missions, and 3 random character encounters(meeting two of them twice). A new feature to the series is in TBOGT the player is scored on the mission by their statistics (accuracy, headshots, time etc.). Completing all the main missions with at least 80% scores awards the player the "Past the Velvet Rope" [[Achievements in GTA IV|achievement]], or the "Gold Star" achievement for all scores 100%. Also take note that some of these intertwine with the original GTA IV storyline, and The Lost and Damned story. These are however listed by the order in which they are received.
== Storyline Missions ==
'''[[Gay Tony]]'''
'''[[Gay Tony]]'''
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*[[Practice Swing]] - Play some golf and kill the [[Union Official]]'s men.
*[[Practice Swing]] - Play some golf and kill the [[Union Official]]'s men.
*[[Chinese Takeout]] - Go to the Triad building, and then escape from it.
*[[Chinese Takeout]] - Go to the Triad building, and then escape from it.
'''[[Adriana Yanira Lopez]]'''
*[[Momma's Boy]] - Assist or kill [[Mr. Santo]] in making money by attending the [[L.C. Cage Fighters]].
'''[[Armando Torres]] and [[Henrique Bardas]]'''
*[[Corner Kids ]]- Assist Armando & Henrique in a Drug Deal that is botched.
*[[Clocking Off]] - Assist Armando & Henrique in a Robbery.
'''[[Yusuf Amir]]'''
*[[Sexy Time]] - Steal the [[Buzzard]] and destroy the yacht, killing [[Frickie Van Hardenburg]].
*[[High Dive]] - Kill [[Tahir Saeed]] and [[Ahmed Khalil]], and escape the ambush.
*[[Caught with your Pants Down]] - Steal an [[APC]].
'''[[Mori Kibbutz]]'''
*[[Kibbutz Number One]] - Kill Mori's rivals.
*[[This Ain't Checkers]] - Race Mori betting Luis's eternal loyalty and all of Tony's debts.
*[[No. 3]] - Escape the cops with Mori and [[Brucie Kibbutz]] after stealing some cars.
'''[[Gay Tony]]'''
*[[Bang Bang]] - Use the [[Sticky Bomb]]s to destroy the targets.
*[[Blog This!...]] - Setup a deal for [[The Celebinator]].
*[[Frosting on the Cake]] - [[Diamonds in the Rough|Buy]] the [[Diamonds]] along with Tony, then kill the bikers that ambush the deal.
*[[Boulevard Baby]] - Go to [[Bahama Mamas]] to dance with [[Monique]], then kill [[Vic Manzano]], then leave the club.
*[[...Blog This!]] - Teach [[The Celebinator]] a lesson.
*[[Not So Fast]] - [[Museum Piece|St]][[Collector's Item|eal]] the diamonds from [[Isaac Roth]], and then escape the museum.
*[[Ladies' Night]] - Follow [[Packie McReary]] to where [[Gracie Ancelotti]]'s being held captive.
'''[[Ray Bulgarin]]'''
*[[Going Deep]] - Eliminate the [[NOOSE]] associating with Marki Ashvilli.
*[[Dropping In...]] - Kill [[Marki Ashvilli]].
*[[In the Crosshairs]] - Escape [[Bulgarin Family|Bulgarin's]] ambush.
'''[[Yusuf Amir]]'''
*[[For the Man Who Has Everything]] - Steal a subway car.
'''[[Gay Tony]]'''
*[[Ladies Half Price]] - [[Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend|Deal]] with [[Niko Bellic|the]] [[Patrick McReary|guys]] who [[I'll Take Her...|kidnapped]] [[Gracie Ancelotti]], trade the diamonds for her and escape.
'''[[Rocco Pelosi]]'''
*[[Party's Over]] - Kill [[Uncle Vince]], and then kill Bulgarin's men.
'''[[Gay Tony]]'''
*[[Departure Time]] - Kill [[Ray Bulgarin]], [[Timur]] and destroy the [[Heroin]] Shipment.
== Side Missions or Minigames ==
* [[L.C. Cage Fighters]]
* [[Club Management]] <small>(eight tasks)</small>
* [[Base Jumps|Parachute Checkpoints]] <small>(fifteen base jumps)</small>
* [[Triathlon (TBOGT)|Triathlon Race]]
* [[Drug Wars]]
* [[Rhythm-based Minigames|Dancing]]
== Random characters ==
* [[Margot]] (2 missions)
* [[Daisie Cash-Cooze|Daisie]] (1 mission)
* [[Arnaud]] (2 missions)
== See also==
*[[Missions in GTA IV Era]] - Detailed list of missions in TBOGT sorted by chronological order with the GTA IV, and TLAD story.
[[Category:The Ballad of Gay Tony]]
[[Category:The Ballad of Gay Tony]]
[[Category:Missions in The Ballad of Gay Tony]]
[[Category:Missions in The Ballad of Gay Tony]]

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