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Mitch Dexter is an actor in the Vinewood film industry in Grand Theft Auto V.


Mitch was most know in Vinewood for his main role in the movie Nelson in Naples, however, he never get to be in a major Vinewood movie after this, getting roles only in B-movies mostly. Mitch keep dining out of his role in Nelson in Naples for 45 years because of this.

Mitch was also one of the suspects in the Leonora Jonhson's murder. It was rumored that he and Leonora had a brief, possible consensual, fling in the summer of 1969 and in a interview for the Daily Globe in December 1974, Leonora said that a high-profile Vinewood celebrity had taken advantage of her on her 17th birthday. However, it was later proved that the murder was someone else.

It was also said in the website, that Mitch had an extreme misanthropy and explosive temper.


  • Mitch Dexter is one of the honored celebrities in the Vinewood Walk of Fame.
  • He have an account on Bleeter and will bleet sometimes during the storyline.
  • According to the website, more than one model was found floating dead in the pool of Mitch Dexter's mansion in Vinewood Hills during the 60's.
  • his characther model is similar to Colonel Sanders , the founder of Kentucky fried Chicken .

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