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Mmm, Russian Sailors! is the second mission given to Claude Speed in Grand Theft Auto 2 by the Russian Mafia. It is given from the Industrial District in Anywhere City.


  • Find the parked Z-Type
  • Find and kidnap 4 Z-Dealers
  • Deliver them to the Crane.


If the Zaibatsu Corporation doesn't have a bad relation with you, this mission will not be hard.

First, you must find the parked Z-Type. A pink arrow will show the Z-Dealers' location.

The places are:

  • Train Station in Bayano
  • Hospital in Bayano
  • Escobar Power Cores (if the Zaibatsu's hatred towards you is big, you'll have a hard time; there will be many of them carrying Rocket Launchers)
  • Senora

Once all the Z-Dealers are in the car, deliver them to the Crane. As a reward, you will get $40,000.

Video Walkthrough

GTA2 - Job 50 Mmm, Russian Sailors!02:54

GTA2 - Job 50 Mmm, Russian Sailors!

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