Rockstar Games started releasing mobile versions of its games since 2003.

Grand Theft Auto Advance

The game was released for Gameboy Advance on October 26th, 2004. It's set in Liberty City, in 2000. It was going to be a port for Grand Theft Auto III but the idea was rejected during development and it became a separate game.

GTA Advance Trailer00:36

GTA Advance Trailer

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories

It was first released exclusively for PSP in October 25th, 2005. From its name, it is set in Liberty City three in-game years before Grand Theft Auto III. After the great success of the game, it was re-released for Playstation 2 with slight improvements, and then available on PSN for PS3 as a Playstation Classic, making it exclusive for Playstation devices until ported to IOS, Android and FireOS between 2015 and 2016. The Android, IOS and FireOS versions had significant improvements regarding graphics, gameplay and controls.

Unfortunately, the multiplayer feature was removed since the Playstation 2 release.

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories - Mobile Trailer00:52

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories - Mobile Trailer

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories

This game was released on October 31st, 2006. Like GTA LCS, it was mean to be released for PSP only, was then released for Playstation 2 with visual improvements and small gameplay differences. Among the improvements was the option to turn on Trials effect in display settings, and the addition of new USJs, an easter egg, ability to bribe police to acquire the ripped guns after being busted, buying vehicles at certain points, along with several fixes, and surely removed the multiplayer due to disfunctionality of network on Playstation 2.

Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars

It is a game that was released to destroy the myth that Grand Theft Auto would never make it to DS, but it has, in 17 March 2009. As the previous PSP games, it was out in October, the same year as the DS's.

The PSP version was far cry HD from the DS and had 5 exclusive missions involving a new character called Melanie among other exclusive stuff and of course had the multiplayer.

3 months after the initial release it was on the Appstore for IOS users and by 2015 it finally came to Android and FireOS. For unknown reason, War Drum still doesn't feature the multiplayer in its ports, probably because they are not capable of handling stuff relating networks.
Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars - Official iPhone iPod touch Trailer00:50

Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars - Official iPhone iPod touch Trailer

Grand Theft Auto III

The first Rockstar Games release for Android and the most amazing one at its time, it was the beginning of series of anticipated ports to the time.

The game was re-released for Android and IOS with the title "10th Year Anniversary" in December 15th, 2011, and exactly 2.5 years later for FireOS.

The most obvious changes and improvements were the HD HUD, accessible map, more comfortable atmosphere, and surely nice customizable controls and the checkpoint system.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City

The third Rockstar Games Android release, released December 2012 after Max Payne Mobile. The game still sports the "10th Year Anniversary" in its trailer. Later released for FireOS in August 2013.

The game has the same improvement pattern as its predecessor and it was also a port of the PC version like GTA III.

GTA Vice City - 10th Anniversary Trailer (iOS & Android)01:15

GTA Vice City - 10th Anniversary Trailer (iOS & Android)

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

That was an unpredictable release that made the players ambitious for more on Android, this game is released for nearly all consoles. And added Android, IOS, FireOS and even Windows Phone to its collection around early 2014.

From this release, Rockstar stopped adding the anniversary label to its ports (except Bully).

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas received a dramatic change, leaving the game with pros and cons. War Drum Studios failed to make the masterpiece a perfect port , since the sounds had noticeably bad quality and some damaged models and textures, and aiming on peds in vehicles is not possible or at least dying in vehicles, the hot coffee scene doesn't have a shaking screen, there is no black ribbons in cutscenes (The game also lost a cool list of tracks, but because of expired licenses not because of War Drum). on the other hand, the game got a unique checkpoint system different from the predecessors, stylish new detailed menus, new HD textures for some objects, an HD map, HD icons and blips, adapted controls, the ability to save the game online using Rockstar Games account, easier gameplay, for example: faster cycling, less aggressive police, straight hydra movement, car handling and auto aim.

GTA San Andreas Mobile Trailer01:13

GTA San Andreas Mobile Trailer

GTA San Andreas 10th Anniversary Tribute Trailer02:26

GTA San Andreas 10th Anniversary Tribute Trailer


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