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[[Image:Hove Beach (GTA4) (Mohawk Ave).jpg|thumb|Mohawk Ave]]
#REDIRECT [[Mohawk Avenue]]
'''Mohawk Avenue''' is a main north-south [[List of Street Names|street]] in [[Broker]], [[Liberty City in GTA IV|Liberty City]], where it's central to missions early in the game. It runs from the southern end of [[BOABO]] in north to the southern end of [[Hove Beach]] in south. It is one of, if not, the longest road on the eastern side of [[Liberty City in GTA IV Era|Liberty City]]. The avenue acts as the main shopping street and economic core of the [[Hove Beach]] district from where it begins at [[Crockett Avenue]] until the junction with Cisco Street in northern [[Hove Beach]]. Businesses along here include the [[Russian Shop]] and [[Comrades Bar]]. The [[Broker Safehouse]] is also located along this section of the Avenue. Mohawk Avenue then continues north, skirting the eastern boundary of the [[East Hook]] district. As it enters the wealthy [[Rotterdam Hill]] neighborhood, the road briefly becomes Onion St for one block before changing back to Mohawk Ave, where it passes Broker's fire station on the intersection with Dillon Street. [[Niko Bellic]]'s first girlfriend [[Michelle (GTA IV)|Michelle]] lives along the next section of this road in the central part of [[Rotterdam Hill]]. The road then begins to slope downward, and passes underneath the [[Algonquin - Dukes Expressway]], before rising back up again and passing [[Jermaine Andrews]]' residence in the more run-down part of northern [[Rotterdam Hill]]. Mohawk Avenue terminates a few yards beyond here, just inside the [[BOABO]] boundary on the intersection of Brunner Street.
Mohawk Avenue is a dark and noisy road in many of its sections, mainly due to the [[Broker Line]] [[Subway in GTA IV|subway]] running above on elevated train tracks. The elevated tracks pass over Mohawk Avenue in [[Hove Beach]], [[East Hook]] and parts of [[Rotterdam Hill]].
Known residents of Mohawk Avenue are [[Niko Bellic|Niko]] and [[Roman Bellic]], and [[Karen]] aka Michelle,. It is hinted that [[Vlad Glebov]] may reside there as well, possibly above [[Comrades Bar]].
*[[Russian Shop]]
*[[Comrades Bar]]
*[[Broker Safehouse]]
*[[Liberty City Fire Department#GTA IV - GTA Chinatown Wars|Broker Fire Station]]
*[[Michelle (GTA IV)|Michelle's]] residence
*[[Jermaine Andrews]]' residence
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