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"Mr. Weston is one of the most brilliant investors the world has ever known. He's... He's obviously a maverick."
― Molly Schultz, expressing her devout fondness for her employer.

Molly Schultz is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as a supporting character and the tertiary antagonist in Grand Theft Auto V.

She's Devin Weston's lawyer, as well as the Senior Vice President and General Counsel to his business.



Molly Schultz graduated from Vespucci University with a degree in Law and an Msc in Corporate Raiding from ULSA. After training at Feist & Welch, she spent five years working for the in-house Litigation team of Globe Oil before moving to Redwood Cigarettes, where she successfully overturned 26 class action lawsuits linking tobacco to lung cancer. She was then headhunted by Devin Weston for his 'Resistance Training in Rwanda' benefit workout in 2009.

Events in GTA V

As Weston's trusted lieutenant, Schultz often handles the contacts between Weston and the three protagonists. Her final appearances come when she is told by Weston to take and store a copy of a film produced by Michael De Santa and Solomon Richards to her flight.

Unwilling to surrender his first movie, Michael chases her to the Los Santos International Airport. Schultz attempts to escape Michael by running to a Jet in Weston's hangar. However, she is accidentally sucked into the jet's turbine and chopped into gory, bloody shreds. 

Missions appearances




  • It is implied throughout the game that Molly is in love with Devin Weston. In Weston's Lifeinvader page, Schultz invites Weston to spend the night in her house. Franklin also says that Weston will not fall in love with her, no matter how hard she tries in the end of the mission Pack Man.
  • If the player races as Trevor in I Fought the Law..., he will call her and flirt with her and tell that he loves her.
  • In GTA Online character customization's lifestyle, if the character is female and "Doing Legal Work" is heavily assigned, the character might get Molly's outfit.
  • Her favorite radio stations might be Soulwax FM and FlyLo FM as these are the default radio stations in her car.
  • Schultz is one of the two female antagonists of the entire series, the other being Catalina.
    • Thus making Schultz the only female antagonist of the HD Universe, Catalina being the only one of the 3D Universe.
  • She is one of the few characters in the GTA series to die in an accident, rather than being killed by somebody.
  • If the player calls Schultz's number 346-555-0174 after I Fought the Law, you will hear the voicemail for Cletus.
  • If the player points a gun at her during Pack Man, she might mention she has a daughter in Rockford Hills.
  • She has unused clothes found in the game files. Those consist of differently colored suits, a skirt, a light sweater and a scarf.


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