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Momma's Restaurante in GTA III (2001).

Momma's Restaurante is a restaurant located in Saint Mark's, Portland Island, Liberty City. The restaurant has been in business since 1968 and is run by Ma Cipriani. Ma lives at the restaurant and her son, Toni, moves in between 1998 and 2001. The restaurant is frequented by Leone Family gang members, including Salvatore Leone. The restaurant is the starting point for Ma's missions in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Toni's missions in Grand Theft Auto III.

The Restaurant also features a cramped parking lot, where a Kuruma is parked in GTA III, and a Leone Sentinel parked in GTA LCS. Both vehicles are often on alarm, so care should be taken when jacking them and driving them away, as a street passing by the restaurant is usually crowded with vehicles, and the alarm may attract Police, which can arrest the player in no time.


In both its appearances, Momma's Restaurante is a starting point for several storyline missions, which become available to the player at a relatively early stage of both games (when Staunton Island is not yet officially accessible). In GTA III Claude receives missions from Toni Cipriani, while in GTA LCS Toni Cipriani himself takes missions from his mother.

Grand Theft Auto III (Toni Cipriani's missions)

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories (Ma Cipriani's missions)


  • As the advertisement from GTA III says, It's possible that the Cipriani family was in Liberty City some time around 1968.
  • In Liberty City Stories, Toni talks to Ma from outside the building, and does not go inside.
  • The Restaurant's name in the game is Ristorante Cipriani
  • The Restaurant makes a prominent appearance in roughly 6 missions in each game. 5 of them are given to the protagonist by a respective boss, and the other mission is Cipriani's Chauffeur and The Sicilian Gambit in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories respectively.


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