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Motorcycle Club members.

Motorcycle Clubs are a gameplay element in Grand Theft Auto Online introduced in the Bikers Update


Main articles: Clubhouses and The Open Road

Motorcycle Club Work


Various MC-related map icons.

  • Deathmatch - The MC challenges another MC or Organization to a team deathmatch.
  • Joust - The MC challenges another MC to a motorcycle deathmatch.
  • Stand Your Ground - the MC protects an area from other players in the session.
  • Sell product - The MC sells product from their business by transporting it to various places on the map. If a member carrying product is killed, their product is lost.
  • Caged In - similar to Penned In


Contracts are initiated by the President by accessing the job board in the Clubhouse. Other players in the session may interfere with the objectives for RP and cash.

  • Cracked - The MC cracks a defended safe and transports its money to a dropoff location.
  • Guns for Hire - The MC transports two vehicles of allies to a location on the map, then defends them from NPC bikers.
  • Gunrunning -
  • Jailbreak - The MC transports a prisoner to a dropoff point.
  • Nine Tenths of the Law - The MC steals some motorcycles and delivers them to a dropoff location.
  • Torched - The MC travels to a location to destroy 10 crates of munitions.
  • Weapon of Choice - The MC assassinates targets with a given weapon. Partial rewards are given for assassinations with the wrong weapon.


  • Criminal Mischief - Members compete to hit the most vehicles with biker melee within 10 minutes, with bonus points rewarded for higher-end vehicles. After a short while, a specially marked vehicle appears on the map - the first member to hit it gains bonus points. Initiated by the President.
  • Search and Destroy - Members compete to kill the most targets identified by photos sent to their phone. Points are deducted for killing civilians. Initiated by the President.
  • Wheelie Rider - Members compete to perform the longest wheelie within 5 minutes. Initiated by the President.
  • Hit & Ride - Members compete to drive-by-motorcycle kill as many randomly spawned gang members within 10 minutes. Double points are rewarded for kills done by biker melee, no points rewarded for collision kills and points are deducted for killing civilians. Initiated by the Vice President.
  • Rippin' It Up - Members compete to cause the most property damage within 5 minutes while on motorcycles. Initiated by the Enforcer.
  • On The Run - Members compete to survive a 5-star wanted level the longest on motorcycles. Initiated by the Sergeant-at-Arms.

Ranks and Abilities

Available to all members

  • Return personal vehicle to garage
  • Call motorcycle


  • Lead Formation: Club members ride close behind the leader to attain increased health/armor regeneration and a slipstream speed boost. A maximum of one formation leader can be active at once.


  • Target Rival
  • Drop Bull Shark Testosterone - $1000

Road Captain

  • Lead Formation: see President
  • Request Vehicle: At a cost of $1000, call in a Dubsta, Slamvan, BF Injection, Moonbeam or an unarmed Buzzard.
  • Race to Point: Initiate a race to the clubhouse or a random location. The winner receives a cash reward.


  • Drop Molotov - $200
  • Drop Armor - $1000


  • Request Hit: Sends a hit squad to attack a player.
  • Drop Armor - $1000


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