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Mount Chiliad (HD Universe)

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For the mountain in GTA San Andreas, see Mount Chiliad (GTA SA).


Train bridge at base of Mount Chiliad

Mount Chiliad is the highest mountain in San AndreasGrand Theft Auto V.


Located far to the north, in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness, it serves as the highest point in the game. Two small towns sit at its base. Grapeseed can be found to the southeast, and Paleto Bay to the northwest.

Points of Interest

Mount Chiliad Map

The strange drawing.

At the mountain base and peak is a Gondola (tram/cable car) station. There is a hiking trail running down the east side of the mountain. There are two stationary telescopes that can be found at the peak, which cost $1 each per use. Two dirt bikes are parked at the peak of the mountain near the observation decks. There is a derelict wooden ramp near the Gondola station that can be used to drive off the edge.

Inside the station is a cryptic mural on a wall that depicts what appears to be the mountain and various symbols. An illuminate reference as seen on US currency, "The All Seeing Eye" appears above the mountain/pyramid depicted in the mural.

There appears to be two sealed doors leading to a Gondola station room directly adjacent to the mysterious mural.

The message "Come back when your story is complete" is written on the back of the observation deck. This is later revealed to be related to the hidden UFO sighting.

UFO sighting

UFO-100% Completion-GTAV

The UFO appears.

Upon reaching 100% game completion and standing on the observation deck, a UFO with FIB markings will appear overhead. There are three conditions that must be met:

Once the UFO appears, it will stay there as long as you're on the mountain peak. In addition, other UFOs can be sighted in other locations.


  • A parachute can be found on the Gondola boarding platform.
  • One letter scrap piece is located near the Gondola where the parachute is found.


  • Two rail signs at the top read "Old Man's Crack" and "Bell's End".
  • Bell's End is a possible reference to UFO/Paranormal talk show host Art Bell on SiriusXM satellite radio (Dark Matter with Art Bell). Bell was the former primary radio talk show host of Coast to Coast AM.
  • Mount Chiliad is likely based on Mount San Jacinto.
  • It may also be partially based on Mount Shasta, a mountain that, according to local Native American legend, is believed to be inhabited by a great spirit. Additionally, in the earth 20th century, legends began that the mountain is home to a race of invisible extra-terrestrial beings called "Lemurians."


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