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"From the top of Mount Josiah, the Alamo Sea is a view that stimulates all the senses from the eyes, to the nose, to the back of the throat."
— GTA V digital manual

Mt. Josiah as seen from Tongva Hills

Mount Josiah is one of three mountains in San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto V, the others being Mount Chiliad and Mount Gordo. Mount Josiah is the second-tallest peak in the state. It is located on the west side of the map, just north of Fort Zancudo and west of the Alamo Sea.

Grand Theft Auto V

Mt josiah sat (2)

Sattelite view of Mt. Josiah

The mountain area is completely surrounded by water; Cassidy Creek on the north side, the Alamo Sea on the east-side, the Zancudo River on the south side and infinite ocean on the west side. The north side features steep cliffside.

Fort Zancudo is located at the foot of the mountain on the south side. The mountain can be used to get into the military base, however, the player will still get a five-star wanted level.



  • Mount Josiah may be named after Josiah Whitney, an American geologist. Mount Whitney, the tallest mountain in California, is also named after him. 
  • Cougars spawn on this mountain, which will attack the player upon sight.
  • Mount Josiah was first seen in Trailer 1, but it wasn't until after the release that people discovered where this shot was taken, because the mountain was changed a lot during development.

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