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The Lawn Mower (formerly named "Mower") is a riding lawn mower featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. It is manufactured by Jacksheepe in the HD Universe.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

As mentioned, the Mower is designed as a low-powered sit down mower, presumably based on a Craftsman model, but with small circular headlamps mounted on the sides, next to the main grille.

Despite being an open air vehicle, the Mower will not dislodge the player when it rolls over as the vehicle is not designed with characteristics of bicycles, motorbikes or quadbikes. Instead, the player will remain seated, even if the vehicle is completely upside down, "burying" the upper half of the player character underground.

Grand Theft Auto V

The Lawn Mower returns with a modernized design, seemingly based on Murray ride-on tractors, but instead of a single rectangular headlight, the vehicle uses two rectagular headlights. Unlike the San Andreas rendition, the Lawn Mower lacks tailights, since the vehicle is not intended for use on public roads, but rather for enclosed properties (gardens, in this case).

The vehicle features a more realistic mowing equipment and noticeably rugged tires, in order to provide better traction on lawn.

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

the Mower is generally slow, and while the vehicle is easy to control when traveling normally, the vehicle handles more poorly when picking up speed going downhill. The vehicle is thus the slowest in GTA San Andreas, even slower than the Sweeper. However, as it is motorized, the vehicle can be repaired at a Pay 'n' Spray. Additionally, the player cannot perform a drive-by from the front of the mower, since it is designed with car traits.

Its engine shares the same sound with the Kart's.

GTA San Andreas Overview

Vehicle Statistics - 3D Universe
(0-60 mph in Seconds)
Top Speed
(mph / kmh)
Gears Engine Drivetrain
(kg / lbs)
N/A 37 / 60 3 Petrol RWD 800 / 1764
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Cannot be observed

Grand Theft Auto V

Its short wheelbase and small wheels enable it to turn corners sharply, but the Mower is very slow, possessing bad acceleration and torque. Its low ground clearance prevents it from going over small bumps or even curbs without getting stuck. The open-cabin nature of the Mower leaves the player susceptible to gunfire, making the Mower a poor choice for a getaway vehicle. The Mower is one of the slowest vehicles in the game, even slower than the player on foot.

GTA V Overview

Vehicle Statistics - Grand Theft Auto V
(0-60 mph in Seconds)
Top Speed
(mph / kmh)
Gears Engine Drivetrain
(kg / lbs)
Fuel Tank
Size (litres)
N/A 12 / 20 1 N/A FWD 400 / 882 30
Website Statements [?] / Badges
Observed / First-Person Speedometer (Enhanced version)
No dashboard components visible. No dashboard components visible. 1 FF V8 (Cover) FWD Cannot be observed Cannot be observed
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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • Inside the gates of a mansion in northernmost part of Mulholland, Los Santos.
  • Near house pool east from Mulholland Safehouse, Mulholland, Los Santos.
  • In a square lot in Richman, Los Santos.
  • Two spawn in Palomino Creek, one inside a garage and another behind a house (Not available on PC).
  • Parked behind a house just to the left of the Dillimore Safehouse in Dillimore, Red County. Due to a programming error, the vehicle is partially spawned in a tree (Not available on PC).
  • In the left side from a home in The Farm, Flint County.

Grand Theft Auto V

  • Los Santos Golf Club, between 20:00 and 22:00 hours. Usually found mowing near the cart parking lot, but can sometimes be found mowing elsewhere on the course. Note that stealing the Mower will result in a 2-star wanted level.



Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • When the player is going in reverse with the vehicle, Carl Johnson will rest his right arm onto an invisible chair, as if driving a normal car. This is most likely a development oversight.

Grand Theft Auto V

  • Despite the fact that the cutters cannot be activated, small grass and leaf particles can be observed blowing out of the tractor's mowing unit whenever the player drives over grass.