Mr. Fuk's Rice Box is a Korean restaurant featured in Grand Theft Auto IV located in the Korea Town area of Alderney City at the intersection of Lyndon Avenue and Boyden Avenue. The restaurant is a front for the Korean Mob. The restaurant can be accessed during the mission Dining Out and when Niko Bellic takes friends or girlfriends out. During the mission Dining Out, Niko Bellic is sent to the restaurant by Gambetti Family Don, Jon Gravelli, to kill Korean gangster Kim Young-Guk. Brucie Kibbutz, Dwayne Forge and Roman Bellic are fond of this restaurant.


  • Mr. Fuk's Rice Box was originally intended to be a Chinese restaurant. This is evidenced by the signs inside that read "Authentic Szechuan and Peking cuisine". However, due to the location and who uses it, it was changed to a Korean restaurant, but the developers kept the interior.
  • Due to the owner being North Korean, this may be a North Korean restaurant.
  • In The Ballad of Gay Tony, Drug Wars in Alderney have the back lot of the restaurant as the drop-off point.
  • The name 'Fuk' is a reference to the curse word, 'fuck', but it is pronounced "fook" by Jon Gravelli.
  • "Rice Box" is also slang for an Asian woman's vagina.
  • The name "Fuk" is, in fact, impossible in Korean phonetics. An "F" sound would usually be replaced with a "P" sound when transliterating.
  • If the player is playing the game with a low frame rate, then there will a chance that Niko would be allowed to see the interior of Mr. Fuk's Rice Box with random pedestrians inside. However Niko still cannot enter the restaurant itself. It was possible that the restaurant could be entered in free roam in the beta, like Burger Shot, The 69th Street Diner and other accessible restaurants. (Tested on PC)
  • If Niko kills Kim quickly in the mission Dining Out, then there may be a chance that makes Niko have the ability to re-enter the restaurant after the mission. The interior will depend on how the player has encountered during the mission progress. The computer can also be accessed. However if the player exits and tries to re-enter after some time, it will lock itself again and become inaccessible. (Confirmed in PC)