Screenshot from I'm Rich.

Mr. Parker is the father of Cloe Parker. Despite his daughter's status as a pop culture icon, little information is provided about Parker's business or even his first name. He is worth $950 billion according to I'm Rich, and operates a "produce import" business from Colombia where he is also funding military troops, suggesting he plans to profit from their natural resources. He is perhaps involved in the South American cocaine trade.

When Cloe had her first period, Mr. Parker bought her a mansion in Westdyke, Alderney. He sorely disapproves of Cloe's fiance, Tyler Dixon, saying his request for a $3 million dowry underestimates his level of wealth and that he could "piss that kind of cash", emphasizing that he pays the same amount in daily maintenance of his daughter's 600 foot yacht (which sits unused). Most of Cloe's money is from her father.