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Ashley: "Leave it Johnny, leave it."
Johnny: "The crystal has got us, babe, but that don't make it right."
Ashley Butler, calming Johnny Klebitz down.

Mr. Philips is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V which Trevor Philips performs independently. Fellow protagonists Michael De Santa and Franklin Clinton also appear in the opening cutscene.

Mission Description

"Who the fuck are you speaking to? Who? Who? I'm talking to you! Huh?! You fuck! Huh? Next time don't get in my fucking face! I just saw a fucking ghost and now I've got to hear your crap?! Get up! Get up! Fuck you, then!"
Trevor Philips, to Johnny Klebitz, right after killing him.

After Franklin meets Michael at his house, they each have a drink to celebrate their successful heist. While they discuss business, the FIB agent who offered him protection, Dave Norton, suddenly appears and asks what's wrong with Michael before bringing up the what if scenario of Trevor discovering his old robbery pal is alive. Michael merely brushes the question claiming that Trevor has to be dead. Dave warns Michael about the potential repercussions of the heist while turning on the TV to show a news interview with the police officer that Michael had threatened outside the jewelry store. Michael maintains that they are not in any danger while denying perpetrating the heist.

Unfortunately for him, Trevor is alive and kicking in his house out in Blaine County. The former robber turned drug addicted sociopath happens to overhear the same news report while having sex with Ashley Butler. The officer being interviewed quotes a line used by one of the robbers: "You forget a thousand things everyday, make sure this is one of them." Trevor instantly recognizes this as a phrase often used by Michael, who Trevor believes to be dead. Shocked, Trevor zips his pants, grabs a beer, and walks out of the house, encountering Johnny Klebitz who angrily tries to confront a still appalled Trevor about the latter's ongoing affair with Ashley while Wade Hebert and Ron Jakowski try to calm Johnny down.

Not caring about the president of the Lost MC's hurt feelings, Trevor attempts to walk away from the confrontation while Johnny continues to express his anger. Already rattled by the knowledge of Michael suddenly being alive, Trevor is pushed to a breaking point; he fires away insults and offensive jokes about Johnny's addiction to meth, all in a "mostly" calm tone. He even orders Johnny to pull down his pants so that they may have sex, mockingly claiming that it is the reason why there is friction between the two of them.

An emotionally drained Johnny then lets his guard down, sadly admitting to Trevor that he still loves Ashley. Trevor feigns an attempt to try and console Johnny before throwing him to the ground and smashing his beer bottle over his head. Trevor then repeatedly stomps on Johnny's head and kills him while Ashley, Ron and Wade watch in horror. Ashley runs over to Johnny's dead body while the other three get into Trevor's truck and leave.
"Hey, hey cowboy, do you mind that I fucked your old lady! Sorry, what was that? What? No, no? You don't mind? Oh, because you're a dead man, and the only sentient part of you left is this little bit of brain in the gristle on the end of my boot? Well, thank you very much, cowboy."
Trevor Philips, to Terry Thorpe and Clay Simons, about Johnny's death.

Knowing that Johnny's gang will be outraged over its leader's brutal murder, Trevor decides to wipe out The Lost and their meth business from Blaine County before they have a chance to exact revenge. He drives with Wade and Ron to a Lost hangout in Grapeseed where Terry Thorpe, Clay Simons, and other members of the Lost are. After announcing and mocking Johnny's death, the members of The Lost retreat to their trailer park to notify the rest of the gang. Trevor follows them there and brutally kills the whole gang in a his psychotic rage, including Terry and Clay.

Afterwards, Trevor commands Wade to begin looking for Michael and drives with Ron to a trailer belonging to the Aztecas leader, Ortega. After pushing Ortega's trailer into the adjacent river, Trevor can kill or spare Ortega, solidifying his new position as Blaine County's meth and gun king. Sparing Ortega will make him appear as another thug in Trevor Philips Industries, killing him will not, and replaying the mission later on will have the game treat it as if you spared him regardless.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission, the player must:

  • Drive to Grapeseed.
  • Confront Terry, Clay, and the other Lost MC Members.
  • Follow the van to their hideout.
  • Kill every last Lost MC member.
  • Go to Ortega's trailer.
  • Push Ortega's trailer into the river.
  • Choose Ortega's fate.
  • Go to Trevor's Trailer.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • No Survivors - Kill all fleeing bikers.
    • Prioritize cleaning out the enemies at the rim of the settlement and the ones in vehicles. Spare those that are in the center. Once you've finished clearing out the rim, make sure to have the remaining enemies stay in your field of view so they don't despawn.
  • Headshots - Get 12 headshots.
    • Kill as many enemies as possible with a headshot.
  • Time - Complete within 12:00.
    • Skip cutscenes.
    • Using an automatic weapon will allow Trevor to finish the shootouts a lot faster.
  • Trailer Trashed - Cause $5000 damage to Ortega's trailer.
    • Keep pushing the trailer until it's in the water.
  • Lost and Damned - Kill Terry and Clay during the chase.
    • As stated before, an automatic weapon, and in this case more specifically a micro SMG, will make things easier.


  • Gas Cylinders are located around Stab City, often next to trailers. Shooting these will cause them to explode, and the explosions can kill many bikers at once.


  • Johnny Klebitz - Killed by Trevor for expressing his anger towards him.
  • Terry Thorpe (Optional) - Can be killed by Trevor during the chase or during the shootout.
  • Clay Simons (Optional) - Can be killed by Trevor during the chase or during the shootout.
  • Ortega (Optional) - Can be killed by Trevor in an attempt to rule the criminal empire in Blaine County. Otherwise, Ortega will be killed by Trevor in Trevor Philips Industries.
  • Ashley Butler (Optional) - Can be killed by Trevor after he kills Johnny. Otherwise, Weazel News will report that she dies of an overdose after Eye In The Sky.


  • The player can now play as Trevor Philips, and his trailer becomes available as a safehouse. However, the player cannot play as Michael or Franklin until they complete Friends Reunited.
  • It is possible to call both Ron and Wade after the mission. If the player does so, they will hear two unique conversations between the characters.
  • The protagonists can now use Tattoo Parlors, and partake in Offroad Races.

Bleeter Posts

  • @LostMotorcycleClub - "rumors goin round that johnny klebitz been killed somewhere out in san andreas curse of the liberty city chapter lives on"
  • @fukudad3 - "my buddy mick tells me some crazy fuckers r waging war on the Lost at the alamo sea killed more bikers than lung cancer"




  • If the player throws an explosive close to Ashley and Johnny (Close enough so that Ashley reacts but doesn't kill her) she and Johnny will stand back up. Although she can still be heard crying. If Trevor gets too close to them, Johnny will drop back dead and Ashley will run away.
  • When chasing the bikers, if the player destroys the van, the player can continue to Stab City. When the player arrives at Stab City, however, the game will crash and Trevor will be unable to exit the vehicle.



  • This mission confirms the death of Johnny Klebitz, who was rumored to have died in the Second Trailer. The scene where Trevor pushes Ortega's trailer into the river can be seen in the same Trailer.
  • During the opening cutscene, Trevor zips up his pants after having sex with Ashley, despite the fact he is wearing sweatpants.
  • If the player starts this mission using Michael, they can see a unique conversation between Michael and Amanda at the beginning of the cutscene.
  • After choosing Ortega's fate, the radio station will be tuned into Rebel Radio and "I Ain't Living Long Like This" by Waylon Jennings will always play while Trevor drives himself and Ron back to their trailers.
  • If the player replays the mission, Trevor will be wearing his default set of clothing. However, if Trevor dies during the mission, he will respawn at the hospital wearing the outfit he was wearing before the mission.
  • This is one of two missions in the GTA series to show the death of a protagonist (in this case, Johnny Klebitz), the first being In The Beginning..., the introductory mission of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City which shows the death of Victor Vance (the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, set two years before VC).
  • Johnny Klebitz's murder is similar to the famous elevator scene in the 2011 movie Drive.


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