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Tommy Vercetti wearing the Mr. Vercetti outfit in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

The Mr. Vercetti outfit is an outfit in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City that is acquired by Tommy Vercetti by purchasing The Pole Position Club, which is possible after completing Shakedown. The outfit can be found outside the Collar and Cuffs store in Ocean Beach. The outfit consists of a grey pinstriped suit, pink shirt and grey loafers. The player can use the Mr. Vercetti outfit to eliminate a one or two star wanted level even if Tommy Vercetti is already wearing the outfit. The outfit is a reference to Miami Vice; it is based on an outfit Ricardo Tubbs (Philip Michael Thomas) is seen wearing. The outfit is yet another reference to the 1983 film Scarface; it is very similar to the outfit Tony Montana wears during the last part of the film, including his last stand.


  • The Mr. Vercetti outfit looks very similar to the Soiree Suit, with the coloring and sleeves being the only differences between the two (the Mr. Vercetti outfit's sleeves are slightly longer).
  • Although the Mr. Vercetti outfit has dark grey loafers, they appear white or cream colored in cut scenes.

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