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This Mundano is a vehicle side mission in GTA 1 during the LIberty City part 2 run.


Enter the Mundano in west Hackenslash to begin. There is a shipment of drugs in the trunk of a car in southeast Hackenslash that you must fetch. Once in, you must take it to Coffy's in southwest Brix. After, you hear that cops have got Pablo, so you must make sure he gets to the office alive and free. Go to southeast Estoria and kill the five guys there.

Text Strategy

Big S, big E, alley N east of park.
S follow E, alley out, S, big E to end, big N.
S follow E, big S follow, big S bridge, small E before bridge, follow, big E, alley N with red barriers.
Protect Pablo by running guys over (use spray shop nearby). END!

Video Strategy

Let's Play Grand Theft Auto PT 33 LC 2 Mundano05:40

Let's Play Grand Theft Auto PT 33 LC 2 Mundano

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