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Munky Juice is a fictional beverage featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. While unavailable for consumption to the player, posters promoting the product can be seen in GTA San Andreas inside 24/7 shops that depict a monkey hanging on another monkey's testicles, and on advertisements in Bedford Point, Staunton Island in GTA Liberty City Stories.



  • The product appears to be based on Um Bongo, a popular fruit juice drink in the United Kingdom.
  • Munky Juice may refer to semen, with "munky" being close to "spunky", which is slang for semen.
  • The slogan "freshly squeezed taste of parasites" may refer to sexual diseases (taste of parasites) "freshly squeezed" may also be slang referring to semen after masturbation.

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