My Five Uncles is a show advertised on WCTR and Radio X in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It replaced Just the Five of Us on television. It is about five apparently homosexual men who adopt a daughter. It is a mocking parody of the popular sitcoms My Two Dads, in which two men raise a daughter, and Full House, in which a single, widowed dad raises his three daughters with the help of his best friend and brother in law. Critics observed that Full House glamorized the concept of each daughter being able to choose a different "dad" for different situations (one for values, one for humor, one for style), which likely further inspired the parody of multiple fathers.

Lines advertised on the commercial include:

One of the Five Uncles: "Welcome to your new home! You sleep in there, and we all sleep in here!"

Followed by

Daughter: "Hey, what's taking you guys so long in the bathroom?"

The Five Uncles: "We're just flossing, dear!"


Daughter: "I'm an emotionally abused orphan! Can't I get in on any of these group hugs?"

One of the Five Uncles: "No, you stupid bitch!"