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The NOOSE Cruiser is a vehicle featured in Grand Theft Auto IV.


The NOOSE Cruiser is the NOOSE variant of the Police Cruiser.


The NOOSE Cruiser shares the chassis of the Police Cruiser (based on a combination of Ford Crown Victoria's), albeit with an LED light bar in place of the Police Cruiser's spinning V-bar, and NOOSE livery rather than that of the LCPD. The LED light bar does not make a distorted sound after being crushed or shot at with a weapon like the Police Cruiser's/Patrol's V-bar.

The NOOSE Cruiser is called out when a 3-star Wanted level is attained, and is used to create roadblocks. The car serves roughly the same role as the NOOSE Patriot, which is called in at higher Wanted levels. The NOOSE Cruiser's livery is loosely based on the livery of Homeland Security vehicles. The livery also bears a passing resemblance to the New Jersey State Police livery, both containing blue and yellow vertical stripes.

In The Ballad of Gay Tony, the NOOSE Cruiser appears to spawn more often than in GTA IV when the player is being chased by the police. It even goes as far as to replace Police Cruisers, which are usually the designated pursuit vehicles.

Strangely, despite being a NOOSE issued vehicle, only regular police officers occupy it.


When compared with the Police Cruiser, the NOOSE version appears to have undergone a pleasant array of upgrades.
The engine feels as if it's breathing better, and its power band is improved dramatically. The suspension is firmer, the body roll is not as severe. Handling-wise, this huge car can match more performance-oriented cars, and stability at its top speed is vastly different from the standard Police Cruiser.


  • When you hijack a NOOSE Cruiser without a wanted level, you will not gain a wanted level.
  • When you steal a NOOSE Cruiser, the headlights will stay on whether it is night or day and the player can only switch them to high beam or low beam.
  • On the side of the car, it says it is that it is from the Patriotism Immigration Authority. The fact that Niko is an immigrant could be the reason it chases him.

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