Ocean Docks3

Aerial view of the depot from the southeast.


Street view of the depot from the northwest.

The National Guard Depot is a National Guard military base located in Ocean Docks, Los Santos, San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The depot is featured in the mission Robbing Uncle Sam, in which Carl Johnson and Ryder attempt to break into the base and steal weapons for the Grove Street Families. Carl manages to unlock the gate and load a truck with the weapons using a Forklift. Then the duo escape the base in a Mule with the National Guard pursuing them in Patriots.

This mission is the only instance in which military guards and Patriots spawn within the depot.

During the third Trucking side mission, the middle warehouse in the depot is a possible location for the goods to be delivered.

Similar to K.A.C.C., the depot is not a restricted area despite being a military base.