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The Nebula is a four-door sedan available in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and can be found in most parts of San Fierro, and occasionally in Los Santos.


The Nebula is depicted as a large contemporary sedan of the era. Although the greenhouse resembles that of a 1980s GM A-Body, overall, it more closely resembles that of a Fifth generation Buick Century

Handling and braking on the Nebula are average. The front-wheel drive turbo V6 delivers enough power to accelerate the car well enough, but not enough to negotiate moderately steep terrain at low speeds. The speed of the Nebula is rather high for a car of its type. However, the sturdy, bulky frame is capable of absorbing fairly heavy damage.


The Nebula can be modified at any TransFender branch across the state.


  • The default radio station upon entry of the Nebula is Master Sounds 98.3.
  • In the mission Just Business there are several Nebulas that spawn in scripted traffic during the chase scene on the motorbike.

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