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[[Category:Deceased Characters|Burner, Ned]]
[[Category:Deceased Characters|Burner, Ned]]
[[Category:Bosses|Burner, Ned]]
[[Category:Bosses|Burner, Ned]]

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Ned Burner is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series and a main character in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. He is a reporter for the Liberty Tree newspaper. He is voiced by Peter Bradbury, who has also appeared in Law & Order.

Character history

Ned Burner is a resident of Staunton Island, Liberty City and a reporter for the Liberty Tree newspaper. Burner is known for getting a number of scoops and exclusives for LCN and gains information through e-mail contacts, including Maria Latore, and by hiring people to create news headlines for him to report on. In 1998 he impersonates a priest in a confession box at the cathedral in Bedford Point and hires Leone Family made man Toni Cipriani to cause chaos in the city. Burner hires Cipriani to kill a federal witness, steal diamonds, create chaos on the city roads in a firetruck and then kill film stars DB-P, Black Lightman and Faith W. for refusing to give an interview to the Liberty Tree newspaper. Ned Burner later goes to Shoreside Vale where he witnesses the murder of Avery Carrington, committed by Cipriani and Donald Love, who later hires Toni to kill him. Cipriani later steals both Carrington and Burner's corpses, taking them to Love's private jet as an in-flight dinner for Love.

Mission appearances

GTA Liberty City Stories



  • Ned Burner may be based on CNN founder Ted Turner, as their names sound very much alike.
  • Ned's pseudonym "Father Ned" may be taken from the main character of the UK television show Father Ted, though it's likely just a coincidence.

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