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For the character with the same nickname, see Ron.

"They damaged my stuff. They smash up my home. Damage my soul. Look at this...This, this, this, this statue here of Impotent Rage. This fucking meant more to me than Johnny K meant to anyone! And they smashed it! Those pathetic, midlife crisis, hog-riding, shaven-headed, fruity leather-chap-wearing fucking assholes!"
Trevor Philips

Nervous Ron[1] is a mission given in Grand Theft Auto V to Trevor Phillips by Ron Jakowski.

Mission Description

The mission begins with Trevor arriving at his trailer, to find Ron, who anxiously affirms that The Lost MC have destroyed his property. What angers him the most is that they've manage to break apart his Impotent Rage statue. Before Trevor can exact his revenge, he threatens Wade into quickly finding Michael De Santa, which he has been unsuccessful in doing.

Trevor heads to Ammu-Nation, where he threatens the store clerk into giving him a rifle, a scope, and a suppressor all for free. After Trevor's rendezvous with Ron, the latter is sent into the woods to plant the explosives. Trevor immediately begins to cover Ron from the incoming batch of bikers, while the latter begins creeping around the rundown airstrip. A stealth element can be done, as Trevor can shoot one of the lights out above one of the dead bikers' to keep another biker from noticing it.

The Lost begin to notice Trevor's hostile takeover and proceed to make an assault back. As Ron prepares to escape in a twin engine plane, Trevor, instead of riding along with him, decides to hop onto the plane's wing on his stomach. While Ron is piloting the plane out of the hanger, Trevor fires at the members of the The Lost MC whilst laying on his stomach, back and side.

As Ron flies further down the runway, Trevor leaps off the planes' wing and hitches a plane of his own. After stealing one, Trevor hits two bikers, one flailing out from underneath the speeding plane, while the other leaps onto and grasp the wing as Trevor takes off, but he soon releases his grip and falls to his death as Trevor jink the controls around.

Ron leads Trevor over the ocean, where he encourages Trevor to fly low to avoid getting spotted by the military base. Both men drop their merchandise from out of the plane and into some awaiting boats before racing each other to a different airfield as the mission concludes.

Gold Medal Requirements

  • Headshots: Kill 5 enemies with a headshot.
  • Time: Complete within 12:30.
  • Nervous Twitch: Win the race against Ron.
  • 6 Bridges, 1 Plane: Fly under any 6 bridged found along the flight path.
  • Death on a Wing: Kill all bikers whilst lying on the plane wing.



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  • The part where Trevor covers Ron with the sniper is very similar to Bomb Da Base.
  • But it's also similar to the third chapter of the game Max Payne 3 (also made by Rockstar) where you need to cover your ally, Raul Passos, with a sniper rifle.
  • The animation that is used when Trevor is shooting in the airplane's wing is the same used in Max Payne 3, when Max shoots prone on the ground.

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