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The Nevada is a large propeller passenger plane found in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The Nevada is a large plane with two radial engines. Its access door is at the back and the plane always leans tilted nose up when parked. The company name "Juank Air" is marked on it. It can be found with locked doors in the Easter Bay International Airport in San Fierro parked on the plane taxi-zone. It's doors will unlock after completing Learning to Fly. The Nevada is based on the vintage Douglas DC-3, and as such is the oldest aircraft in the Grand Theft Auto series. Unlike the Dodo, Shamal, and the Skimmer, the Nevada is regularly seen flying in the sky. Also, unlike most planes, the Nevada has more than one default color. Due to its size, it is great to surf the plane during multiplayer.

The Nevada is used in the mission Dam and Blast from the "Heist" strand where CJ has to plant explosives on the Sherman Dam generators that will be later detonated to disable the power supplying Caligula's Palace.


The Nevada has a decent top speed, but it has a rather long take off distance and slow acceleration. The Nevada also has good durability; it can withstand one or two homing rockets before being destroyed. Keep in mind, though, that crashing into an obstacle head-on will immediately destroy the plane.


  • The plane's name parodies the nickname given to the military version of the DC-3 used by Allied troops during World War II. The nickname was Dakota, named after an acronym for Douglas Aircraft Company Transport Aircraft (DACoTA), the name for the Nevada however parodies US state names, North Dakota and South Dakota with Nevada.
  • Like other planes that tilt upwards when parked (such as the Rustler, Stuntplane and Cropduster) the plane will roll backwards when the Cars drive on water cheat is enabled.
  • There is a glitch where if you jump on top of the Nevada and try to walk up to the nose of the airplane, CJ will suddenly "sink" into the airplane and become stuck in such a position that only his head and shoulders are visible on the top of the nose, in front of the windshield. The only way to get out is to press the action button, where CJ will suddenly appear next to the door and open it.


There are two Nevadas parked at Easter Bay International Airport. One is near the hangars, across from a Shamal. The other is near the north of the terminals, but occasionally a Baggage or a Utility Van will spawn in place of it, or sometimes nothing at all.

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