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"The hour of judgment is upon me and I must ask myself if I am a sheep or a goat."
— Zero becomes nervous and talks about everything.

New Model Army is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas served to the protagonist Carl Johnson by Zero from his shop in Garcia, San Fierro, San Andreas.


Zero and Berkley have planned a showdown, the loser of which must leave San Fierro for good. To win, Zero must safely get his RC Bandit into Berkley's compound. However, Berkley has an RC Chopper dropping many items on the path leading to the compound, therefore blocking Zero's route. This all takes place in the RC BattleGround

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Remove any obstructions so the bandit can reach Berkley's base
  • Berkley's Goblin will constantly try to block the path of your bandit. Clear it out so the bandit can continue.


You control an RC Goblin, and you must remove objects to clear Zero's route. You have a total of 08:00 to complete the mission. Zero has 3 Bandits, so if one is destroyed he will spawn in another, but will have to start from the beginning. The Bandit's health level appears on-screen. Begin by removing the first barrel in Zero's way- just drop it in the "river". Zero will drive to a gap in the path and request a bridge. However, if you bridge the gap he will drive directly into the firing range of one of Berkley's 3 RC Tigers. Therefore, a better alternative is to leave Zero's Bandit at the gap while you destroy the 3 tanks- one is directly ahead along the path, the second is near the second gap, and the third is directly outside Berkley's base. If time permits, drop a bomb on Berkley's Goblin to stop the influx of barrels. Then, bridge the gaps and follow alongside the Bandit to get rid of any barrels remaining on the path.


$7,000, and the Zero RC store becomes a money-earning asset for Carl.


Trick for this mission: Do not remove the first barrel, but instead finish up the Panzer (RC Tigers) up ahead and the barricades ahead, when those arre all done, go back and take the first barrel. So the toy car will roam free!

Carl can also work on eliminating Berkley's Goblin first, then the RC Tigers. Taking out the enemy Goblin would prevent Berkley from dropping any more barrels. Once all enemy vehicles are gone, all Carl needs to do is focus on removing any existing barrels and laying down the bridges.


  • As with the others in the Zero strand, this mission is optional in relation to the overall storyline, but is mandatory for 100% completion of the game and for those wishing to obtain another asset.
  • Originally, a fourth mission, Tanked Up, was needed to complete the strand, but this mission was cut during development of the game.
  • The mission shares its name with the a revolver, the Remington New Model Army.

Video Walkthrough

GTA San Andreas - Walkthrough - Mission 46 - New Model Army (HD)08:03

GTA San Andreas - Walkthrough - Mission 46 - New Model Army (HD)

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