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{{Infobox character
|image = Night_Hog.jpg
|games = ''[[The Lost and Damned]]''
'''Night Hog''' is character in the ''[[Grand Theft Auto]]'' series, being mentioned in ''[[The Lost and Damned]]''.
|status = Deceased
|gender = M
|dob = [[1950]]
|dod = [[1982]]
|nationality = American
|affiliations = [[The Lost MC]]}}
'''Night Hog''' is a character in the ''[[Grand Theft Auto]]'' series who is mentioned in ''[[The Lost and Damned]]'', via a website.

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Night Hog is character in the Grand Theft Auto series, being mentioned in The Lost and Damned.


Night Hog was born in 1950 and was a resident of Liberty City and a member of The Lost MC.

In 1982, Night Hog was a part of a small confilct with some members of the rival Angels of Death MC gang. He was killed during the conflict, taking two shots to the head.

Night Hog was the first fatality in the fighting between the two gangs. His death sparked the massive Lost MC-Angels of Death MC War.

Night Hog is also honored on the main website of the Lost MC,


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