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[[Category:Characters in GTA Liberty City Stories]]
[[Category:Characters in GTA Liberty City Stories]]

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Nina Barry is a singer in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Her only known single is "Bassmatic", heard on Lips 106, and found in bars and safehouses in Grand Theft Auto IV. It is also available as a ringtone via  Her vocals are provided by Riz Maslen.


Backed by a robo-electro smash track that's sure to light up club floors everywhere in the LC, Nina Barry explores the political-economic deterioration of inner-city lifestyles at the benefit of suburban expansion. With lyrics that identify our society's most critical issues with frightening clarity, Ms. Barry elevates the human literary capacity to heights unseen since the 19th century masters of Realism.

"Night time's like a jungle / Shouldn't make a sound / Living life / In the wrong part of town"

"This important pop composition adds significantly to our critical and theoretical understanding of urban and suburban spaces...adding political, sociological, and key cultural insights to thinking about what we mean by 'inner city', and how Nina Barry's contribution to this debate extends the fundamental perception of urban existence."
- Stephen Grossman, Music Journal Weekly

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