The player can get a fully indestructible Tampa in this mission. For it CJ needs a Forklift in his garage for this. When Big Smoke and Emmet ask CJ to shoot bottles, he must take Smoke's Glendale and place it in the Ganton garage. The Glendale must stand along the rear garage wall and there must be some space between the car and the wall. Now push Tampa from Emmet's place to your garage and place it just like the Smoke's car. Try to roll over the Tampa with the Forklift. It can take some time. When the Tampa is upside down, get out from your Forklift and hide between Smoke's car and the rear wall. CJ must survive two explosions. If the explosions don't kill CJ, let the garage door close. The garage will then fix the car.

Using body armor will help to survive the explosion, it can be found in the storm drain right by Grove Street.