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Camera pans out of the table in Sweet's House which is covered in dominoes. In the room is Sweet Johnson, Big Smoke and Ryder.
Big Smoke Give me 15 motherfucker!
Ryder I'll write it down in a second! I ain't gonna hassle with the play sucka, let me play first!
CJ Ey, wassup? Who winning?
Big Smoke Wassup man? Who you think? Me!
Ryder That does it! That's game null and void motherfuckers!
CJ So, what guns we working with now?
Ryder Some guys did a raid on the spot, we ain't got shit now!
CJ What'chu gonna do if the Ballas roll on through here? Throw shoes at them? Say, what happened to Emmet?
Sweet Emmet? Haha, shit, gangsters these days got mags, AKs and all kinds of stuff. Emmet on the other hand ain't got shit.
CJ Well, until we get the plug, we gotta deal with the cat that always been there for us.
Big Smoke Emmets part of Boulevard Families, we ain't too close these days, but nonetheless, I'll take you to see them. Get ourselves stacked up, come on man.
Ryder Nigga, shake them up again.
Big Smoke and CJ leave Sweet's house, get into Big Smoke's Glendale and head to Emmet's.
CJ What happened to the families? Where the love at?
Big Smoke Shit happened. Seville wrongs Temple, Temple wrongs Grove, bad blood leads to bad blood. If you read the book, that's the way the world works brother.
CJ Yeah, but you gotta keep real with it.
Big Smoke I admire you Carl, you elite, a visionary. Remember me when you get to the top.
CJ Give it a rest, Smoke. You're full of shit.
CJ and Big Smoke arrive at Emmet's.
Big Smoke That's my man right there, you know what I'm saying?
Emmet (Shoots bullet accidently) Hey? Who shot at me? What you kids want?
CJ Hey, hey, hey, pops, hey, what's happening?
Emmet Ain't you Beverley Johnson's boy?
CJ Yeah, that's right.
Emmet Brian! Say, ain't you dead?
CJ Nah, Emmet, the other one, Carl.
Emmet I'm sorry about Beverly.
Big Smoke That's why we're here sir. We wanna get the people who did it.
Emmet Well, you come to the right place. Try anything you like boy.
Big Smoke Man, look at this old shit.
CJ and Big Smoke take part in a shooting range activity in which they have to shoot glass bottles.
Big Smoke Die, little glass Balla fool! *Shoots the bottle*
Emmet *CJ shoots first bottle* Ah, Beverly'd be so proud of you, boy.
Big Smoke *Shoots three bottles* Shit, i'm the best there ever was!
Emmet *CJ shoots three bottles* Yeah, that's real Grove Street Style, now!
Big Smoke *Rolls and shoots first bottle* Cap your ass! *shoots second bottle* And your ass! *shoots third bottle* You want some too? *shoots another bottle* Ice cold, baby! *shoots last bottle* I knew i was the chosen one!
CJ Oh, man, check out 'Special Agent Big Smoke'!
Emmet *After Carl shoots all bottles* Aw, you makin' me so proud of you!
CJ shoots the gas tank of a car, causing it to explode.
Big Smoke Damn, you're killer baby, ice cold! But remember something, real strenght comes from within, my brother.
Emmet Listen to the boy.
Big Smoke Yeah, i guess Liberty didn't soften you none, huh? Hey look, let's split. *CJ and Big Smoke walk away* Hey, I'll see you around Emmet.
Emmet *Follows them* I'm 100% behind you boys. But remember this, you didn't get 'em from me. And remember this. Emmet is the place for guns! I've always got high quality merchandise. And i've been proudly serving the community for over 30 years!
Big Smoke Crazy old fool. Hey look, you drive, man.
CJ and Big Smoke drive to Big Smoke's Home.
CJ I seen newer cannons than this strap in a museum. Where we goin'?
Big Smoke Man, i'm real tired, dude, drop me off at my crib, baby.
CJ What's going on, man, shit seems pretty fucked up?
Big Smoke People have to open their eyes, and their hearts, CJ.
CJ What are you talking about?
Big Smoke I'm talking about the choices all men face, brother. Sometimes, they seem real, but other times there's no choice at all.
CJ At least you still talking shit. You ain't changed a bit.
Big Smoke Who me? No never.
CJ and Big Smoke stop near Big Smoke's Home.
Big Smoke Thanks CJ, I'll see you around.
CJ Later, Smoke. *Phone rings, as CJ walks away* Speak.
Sweet I thought you was representing?
CJ What?
Sweet Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought you was rolling with Grove Street again.
CJ Already told you I am!
Sweet Well I ain't seen you in yo' colors yet. You gotta fly the flag, man! Ain't nobody gonna respect you if you ain't represanting your hood.
CJ Alright man, my bad. I just ain't got around to it yet.
Sweet There's a Binco around the corner from the gym in Ganton, go get yourself some greens!
CJ visits the Binco in Ganton and buys some green clothes. Once he exits Binco the mission ends.