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Nintendo is a Japanese video-game and console-making company. Four Grand Theft Auto games can be played on their consoles. The consoles produced by Nintendo are listed below.

Console North America Europe Australia Japan Notes
Nintendo Entertainment System 1985 1985 1985 1983 Discontinued on August 14th, 1995 in North America and September 25, 2003 in Japan.
Nintendo 64 1996 1997 1997 1996 Discontinued on November 30, 2003 in Japan, April 30, 2002 in North America and May 16, 2003 in Europe.
Game Boy Color 1998 1998 1998 1998 Handheld ports of Grand Theft Auto 1 and Grand Theft Auto 2 were released on this platform.
Game Boy Advance 2001 2001 Grand Theft Auto Advance was released on this platform.
GameCube 2001 2002 2002 2001
DS 2004 2005 2005 2005 Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars was released on this platform.
Wii 2006 2006 2006 2006
Wii U 2012 2012 2012 2012


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