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Noh in Stealing the Show

"No, fuck off, kid. Come back when you've got the stuff Zhou asked for."
―Noh demanding Huang he gets 20 bags of Weed

Noh is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. He is a triad linked to Zhou Ming. He may not even appear in the game at all. He only makes a presence in the game if the player doesn't take the necessary 20 bags of Weed to Zhou in the mission Stealing the Show.

Mission Appearances

GTA Chinatown Wars


  • In his dialogue with Huang Lee, Huang asks Noh if he is Zhou, whether or not he's around and whether or not he speak either English, Cantonese or Mandarin, to which Noh answers "No" and "No, No". Huang, already upset, tells him that "only assholes say no". Noh then tells Huang to "fuck off", because he doesn't have the weed.
  • His name is most likely a nod to the word "no" since he always says that, except for his last line.

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