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"Pop hits from the 80s, 90s, Naughties and today."
―GTA V Website

Non Stop Pop FM is a pop/R&B/dance radio station in Grand Theft Auto V. Radio station is hosted by British model Cara Delevingne.


Deleted Songs

GTA V's "american.gxt" reveals many more songs were planned to appear on the station but were not included in the final version.


  • First spotted in the gameplay reveal trailer.
  • Amerie's "1 Thing" was also featured in Saints Row 2, another open world game widely known as a GTA Clone by some players.
  • Sound files for Cara's recording still have intros for the song "The Time Is Now" by Moloko, suggesting it was cut late in development.[1]
  • This is the second time that "Me & U" by Cassie has been removed from the final version of a GTA soundtrack, after The Vibe 98.8 in GTA IV.


GTA V - Non Stop Pop Radio 10001:10:49

GTA V - Non Stop Pop Radio 100.7 FM - All tracks


  1. DJ Cara Delevingne's best bits from Grand Theft Auto V

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