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Normandy is an industrial district in the State of Alderney. It is located within the center of Alderney, bordered by Strower Ave to the west (Acter), the West River to the East (Purgatory in Algonquin, Liberty City), Roebuck Rd to the north (Alderney City) and Port Tudor to the south.


Normandy (red) in the Liberty City map.


Normandy, along with Port Tudor, serves as Alderney's harbor/seaport city. Normandy contains a few industrial offices for companies such as Post Op, Alpha Mail, and Pharte Gas. Normandy also contains a dock with a ship called the Wet Dream, and a few gas tanks and storage containers that can be seen all around Normandy.


Normandy is meant to represent the Military Ocean Terminal, located in Bayonne, New Jersey.



The list of streets that runs through Normandy are:

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