North Chumash
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Mayor: Unknown
Country: United States
State: San Andreas

"North Chumash is a picturesque and still fairly untouched stretch of San Andreas coastline east of Mount Josiah. Visit quickly before it gets ruined by real estate developers or global warming"
GTAV digital manual

North Chumash is a small unincorporated community in the northwestern part of Blaine County, in the state of San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto V.


North Chumash is a small oceanside area that stretches along a small portion of the western coast of San Andreas, that borders the Pacific Ocean. With Raton Canyon to the north, Fort Zancudo to the south, and Mount Josiah to the east, this area has a beach that meets the Pacific Ocean, and the only roads being two small paths that lead into the Raton Canyon, one that leads to the beach, and The Great Ocean Highway that runs right through the area.


North Chumash is based on Port Hueneme, California.

Gang Activity


Some members of The Lost MC with their Motorcycles parked in the background.

The Lost MC members can be seen hanging inside and around the Hookies bar and seafood restaurant at most times of the day; due to it being the center for a crew of drug dealers from Sandy Shores that run drugs through the Raton Canyon for The Lost MC. Some members can sometimes be seen riding away from Hookies in groups of five on their motorcycles.

Roads and Streets

Commercial Real Estate

The Hookies bar and seafood restaurant is available for purchase by Michael De Santa or Franklin Clinton for $600,000 after completing the mission Nervous Ron; except for Trevor, due to his violent conflict with the Lost MC who use Hookies as an area of congregation.


Grand Theft Auto Online

The 2-Car garage, 2000 Great Ocean Highway, next to Hookies, is available to the GTA Online Protagonist to purchase for $31,500.

The mission, Dirt Road can be started here.


  • Both Chumash and North Chumash both have signs on the side of the road that prohibit Speedos.