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The North Holland Hustlers are an African-American street gang in Liberty City operating in northern Algonquin that specialize in dealing crack cocaine. The gang is also said to have ties to the Pavano Family through Joe Corrola who likely supplies them with heroin. Dwayne Forge and Playboy X were two leaders of the gang.

Members of the gang can be idfentified by their flashy, hip-hop inspired attire, such as baggy clothing, brightly coloured tracksuits and jackets, puffer jackets with furry hoods as well as sneakers and Hinterland boots. The gang members can often be seen hanging in groups around the projects in North Holland and Northwood as well as walking the streets and driving vehicles around these areas.

The gang appears to have originated amongst youths in the city, as Dwayne Forge became leader when he was 18, then when Dwayne went to prison, Playboy X became leader aged only eleven (based on ages from the LCPD database).

In 2008, Niko Bellic met two major members of the gang, the then current Boss Playboy X and former Boss Dwayne Forge. If during The Holland Play the player decides to kill Playboy X, Dwayne becomes the leader of the Hustlers once again but if the player decides to kill Dwayne instead, Playboy remains their leader and cuts his ties with Niko.

During his time working with them, Niko was ordered by Playboy X and Dwayne Forge to kill two members of the gang, Marlon Bridges and Jayvon Simson: orders he successfully fulfilled.

Under Dwayne Forge's leadership, the North Holland Hustlers owned a strip club known as The Triangle Club in Northern Gardens, Bohan. But after Dwayne was sent to prison, the club was taken over by the Trunchez Brothers. Then, when Playboy X becomes the new leader of the Hustlers, he continues working with the Trunchez Brothers as a business associate and allows them to manage the club on his behalf. However, once Dwayne returns from prison, and accepts Niko's offer to kill the Trunchez Brothers, Dwayne regains control of the club once again, leaving Playboy X infuriated. If Niko chooses to kill Playboy, allowing Dwayne to regain control of the Hustlers once again, he still assumes ownership of the club, meaning that the North Holland Hustlers would also be regaining control over the club as well.

Once Niko raises his friendship with Dwayne to a certain level, he can call Dwayne and ask for backup, and Dwayne will send two gang members to assist Niko with whatever he is doing. They will fight alongside Niko and defend him from attackers and are also useful when fighting large groups of enemies.

The gang's favorite radio stations are The Beat 102.7, The Classics 104.1 and The Vibe 98.8.

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  • The North Holland Hustlers share the same pedestrian skins as the African Americans. The difference is that the North Holland Hustlers are associated with Playboy X and Dwayne Forge. Likewise, the North Holland Hustlers focus exclusively on drug-trafficking and real-estate and only have influence in northern Algonquin as opposed to the African Americans.


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