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The North Point Mall (also known as The Vice Point Mall in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories) is a shopping mall located in Vice Point, Vice City of both Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


The North Point Mall is a two story mall with a H-shape floorplan. It is arguably one of the largest enclosed malls in the GTA series, featuring a massive atrium bisected by a central pedestrian bridge, and a large number of businesses primarily based on the edges of the floorspace; the mall also comes equipped with escalators, as well as access to an adjoining multistory car park and six street level entrances.

Panorama of the North Point Mall's interior in GTA Vice City.

Stores in the mall range from clothing and firearms retailers to record stores and eateries. Circa 1986 (the timeline of GTA Vice City), there are two weapon stores in the mall, one for firearms and the other for melee weapons. The latter does not appear in the 1984 rendition (in GTA Vice City Stories) for unknown reasons. The food court in the mall can also be used in GTA Vice City to replenish the player's health if it is below 100.

In addition, the GTA Vice City rendition of the mall features an Infernus on display intended as a prize from the mall's annual charity raffles. Players can easily steal the car (at the cost of gaining police attention), but they can't drive it out of the mall.

In Vice City Stories, it is one of the only interior locations to have red balloons. A rampage location is also available, as well as the Mashin' Up The Mall side-mission.

Gang control

In GTA Vice City, the "turf" inside the mall has been claimed by the local Sharks gang, but the actual stores pay protection to the Vercetti Family. A common occurrence in the mall is groups of leather jacket-clad men occasionally engaging in fights with the Patrol Invest Group security and Vice City Police Department officers. As they are within Sharks territory, these men are believed to be members of the gang, but people who are dressed similarly appear across the entire city, making this unlikely. In night time, the Sharks appear inside the mall, engaging a gang war to the Patrol Invest Group, and possibly police officers, if the cops attack either two of them with nightsticks.


GTA Vice City (1986)

* Robberies: Stores which must be robbed for 100% Completion in GTA Vice City.

GTA Vice City Stories (1984)



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