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North Tudor Medical Center

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North Tudor Medical Center in GTA IV.

North Tudor Medical Center is a hospital in Grand Theft Auto IV, addressed at 169 Babbage Drive in Acter (despite the fact that it is named after "North Tudor"), Alderney City, State of Alderney . It is a few blocks from the Lost MC Clubhouse.


Based within a large historical three-story building, North Tudor Medical Center serves as a respawn point after the player is wasted the nearest to the hospital. Much like most hospitals in the game, the hospital has no interior, but features a parking lot behind the hospital itself presumably for the use of patients and staff. There is a health pack near the entrance to the parking lot and an Ambulance parked on the side of the road near the hospital.

In-game the player will encounter many doctors, nurses and other hospital personnel hanging around outside it clad in hospital uniform

The rear drivaway of the hospital serves as place for a switchover of cars during "To Live and Die in Alderney" in GTA IV.

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