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The North Yankton State Patrol (NYSP) is a police force that appears briefly in the Prologue of Grand Theft Auto V.


As the name implies, the force is responsible for law enforcement in the State of North Yankton. Little else is known about the force, other than the fact they received the Trooper of the Year award in 1951.




Up until at least 2004, the force used white Police Roadcruisers and Police Ranchers as first response vehicles. These cars are fitted with snow chains on the tires due to the snowy weather and treacherous driving conditions in that area.


State Troopers wear black coats over white shirts with black ties, and light brown pants. The uniform is based on that of the real life NDHP's uniform. Due to the weather, officers are also seen wearing heavy duty winter attire and gear such as jackets. Some of the State Troopers also wear Ushankas or other winter hats.



The force is based on the North Dakota Highway Patrol.


  • The officers' uniforms oddly have sheriff badges, patches and stitching on their turtleneck undershirts, suggesting that they were originally not intended to be a state agency.


Introduced in GTA IV: LCPD-GTA4-logo LCPDState police logo ASPLiberty-City-Port-Authority-Logo-1 LCPAASDOC Logo TLAD ASDOCNOOSE-GTA4-logo NOOSEFIB logo FIB
Introduced in GTA CW: IAD
Introduced in GTA V: LSPD logo GTA V LSPDLSCS logo LSSDIAA-GTAV-Seal IAASAHP SAHPPark Ranger Flicken SAPRThe Port Authority of Los Santos Logo GTAV LSPA
SASPA GTA V SASPANorthYanktonStatePatrol-Logo-GTAV NYSP
Introduced in GTA Online: DOA logo GTA V DOA

Mentioned only: BONCIAGlobalpol

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