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Northern Gardens Projects is a housing project in Northern Gardens, Bohan. 3 buildings are located in Northern Gardens while 2 others are located in Industrial on Leavenworth Avenue. They are based on the projects in Co-op City. The projects consist of 4 main high-rise apartment buildings. Other buildings in the complex include a small community office, a community center, 2 playgrounds, a parking lot, 4 smaller apartments, a basketball court, a small healthcare center and also a fire station located at the site. The projects are the biggest housing projects in Liberty City by height and size, and one of the few buildings that make up the small skyline of Bohan.

Apartment Buildings

The projects consist of four 22-story apartment buildings with a height of 137.20m. As of their height, they're some of the tallest buildings in Liberty City outside of Algonquin, with a total room count of 1,408 (352 rooms in each building).


The residents at the projects are mostly random pedestrians, however a huge amount of African Americans seem to live at the Northern Gardens side of the projects.

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