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Northwood is a large neighborhood in the northernmost part of Algonquin, Liberty City.

Viewing Northwood from the East over Northwood Heights Bridge


Northwood (red) in the Liberty City map.


Northwood is mostly made up of small stores and public housing projects. Despite this, the northern part of the neighborhood has many green areas and abandoned piers. Despite the area being considered "Working Class", Playboy X owns his luxury Monaco-style penthouse there, which is ironic because in some missions, it implied that he hated poor people. The Northwood Heights Bridge connects Algonquin with Bohan, starting from the north end of Frankfort Avenue in Northwood. North Holland and East Holland are to the south of Northwood. The area has a high African-American and Hispanic demographic.

Northwood and its many housing projects is notorious for a high crime rate, drugs and gang violence. Culturally, the area is influenced by hip hop culture. The area is controlled by a diverse mix of gangs; including the North Holland Hustlers and the Uptown Riders. Revealed in The Lost and Damned, Northwood is also the turf of the Angels of Death as well. In The Ballad of Gay Tony, it is the turf of the Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers.


Northwood is based on a mixture of two real life districts of Manhattan, Inwood and Washington Heights.


The LTA stops are Frankfort High and Frankfort Low.

Places of Interest


  • BetaNorthwood

    Beta Northwood.

    The Public Housing Projects in Northwood are considered "scary" by most players because of the ghostly apartments, gangs, the bloody pillows and matresses, and the hookers and cocaine in all the apartments.


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