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Three different variations of Novy. From left to right: Novy appearing in-game with use of the PS2 model, Novy in the skins directory using PC model, and Novy in-game with PC model.

Novy is a German Musician, he originally appreared along with one of his songs "Back To The Streets", which can also be heard in one of the GTA III trailers. Both Novy and his song were removed for unknown reasons. Despite this Novy's model and texture is still in the games files.. Novy's description is a white male with a brown hair and a brown tuft. He also wears a blue shirt and blue pants. Novy is playable through modifications on PC. However the model of the PC version is glitched. It is believed by some fans that he was a removed character that would give Claude missions. He is believed to have given a mission from the Head Radio's studio and he would have been the DJ.


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