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Nurse Bob is a talkshow host who has his own self-help show at Liberty City Free Radio, "Heartland Values with Nurse Bob".

Nurse Bob is an obvious parody of Dr. Phil, an American talkshow host. Many quotes used by Phil are also used by Bob, for example, "My definition of insanity is, doing something repeatedly, and expecting different results". Like many stereotypical hillbillies, Bob is strongly religious, saying things like "You are gonna be burning, for eternity, in hell", and "The devil drinks for breakfast, and sometimes, at lunchtime".

He is also famous for being very fast-mouthed, ignoring what people mean and blabbering about their problems. It is implied that Bob was molested by his father, as he finishes his show with the words: "Now, remember what my daddy said: 'Don't you tell nobody about me coming in here at night!'"

He was voiced by Chuck Montgomery.


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