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OG Loc's House

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Loc's house

Loc's house exterior

OG Loc's House Interior

Loc's house interior, which is not normally accessible.

"Home of wannabe gangsta rapper, Jefferey Martin. No criminal record. Some unpaid parking fines. Unlikely to be a threat. Do not, repeat do not listen to his music."
— GTA San Andreas Website.

OG Loc's House is home of OG Loc, the former memeber of Grove Street Families and a rapper, and is located in Grove Street, Ganton, Los Santos. It is inaccessible to the player and is only seen during the mission House Party. Although from the outside the house appears to be two-story, when the hidden interior is accessed through trainer packs, it is revealed that the house is actually a single-story. The texture of the walls on the inside of the house are neon and rainbow coloured to simulate the effects of the party lights during the mission House Party. The house cannot be accessed during gameplay without the use of cheat devices.

Storyline Missions

Og Loc's Missions

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