During the second part of OG Loc's introductory mission, Carl Johnson has the chance to acquire a PCJ-600 that takes no damage from bullets, fire, explosions, melee attacks, or collisions from Vagos member, Freddy. However, in order to acquire the vehicle, OG Loc must be killed. The reason that the bike is immune to the usual five ways to destroy a vehicle is to prevent the player from sniping Freddy off of the bike, thus finishing the mission earlier than intended.

Acquisation of the Motorbike

To acquire Freddy's bike, Carl must get off of the motorbike that is used to pursue Freddy and then go to where Freddy awaits. Once Freddy starts firing at CJ, it is recommended to go no further while keeping Freddy within the camera's line of sight. Then, CJ must start attacking OG Loc until Loc dies, thus failing the mission. Freddy will then try to escape with the PCJ-600, and then Freddy must be knocked off the bike. After this is done, the PCJ-600, with all of its' immunity, can be safely stored within a Safehouse garage.