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Carl Johnson goes to Big Smoke's Home to find Big Smoke and Sweet Johnson leaving out of the side entrance to go and pick up OG Loc.
Sweet Hey, you know Jeffrey's been somebody's bitch for the past 3 weeks, right?
Big Smoke (Laughs) I know.
CJ Ey!
Big Smoke Ey! Wanna go to prison?
CJ What?
Sweet Nah, pick up Jeffrey, he's touching down today. Coming along?
CJ Yeah, for sure. What Jeffrey doing locked up anyway?
Big Smoke We'll talk about that later, man. Let's roll, we late.
CJ, Big Smoke and Sweet get into Big Smoke's Glendale and head to the Los Santos Police Headquarters.
Big Smoke Alright, there that fool go.
CJ Look at this fool, man. Perpetrating like he banging.
Big Smoke Think he hard. I know that fool can't be serious.
OG Loc Hey man, it's OG Loc, homie, OG Loc!
CJ Ah, ah, my bad. How was it though, homie?
OG Loc Man, what you think, how was it?
Big Smoke Ey, chill out dude. So what'chu wanna do now?
OG Loc Man, I gotta kill some Cholo motherfucker, he was dissing me, man!
Big Smoke Hey Jeff, I thought you were going to college...(laughter)
OG Loc Man, fuck you! Motherfucker done stole my rhymes! He's at East Flores. Ey, give me a strap.
Sweet Man, don't you stall us out with that shit and get in the car, fool.
CJ, Smoke, Sweet and OG Loc head to Freddy's house to confront him.
OG Loc Freddy, I've come for you, you motherfucker!
Freddy Jeffrey! You got the wrong guy, man! That was just a prison thing! I got plenty of moo cha chas outside, I don't need your scrawny ass!
OG Loc Well ignore him, CJ, I don't know what he talking about. Hey, yo, give me back my rhymes, man! I'm gangsta!
Freddy You dropped the soap, sugar! I don't know nothing about any rhymes.
OG Loc Hey, hey, motherfucker's making a run for it!
CJ and OG Loc chase Freddy on a PCJ-600 around Los Santos. After they kill him, CJ drives OG Loc to the Burger Shot.
OG Loc Don't you say a thing, CJ!
CJ (Laughs) was you lonely, Loc? Ey, I like a nice mustache myself.
OG Loc I keep it real! Unlike you fake ass motherfuckers!
CJ Come on, gangsta, let's get back to the Grove.
OG Loc Nah, I can't. I gotta go and sign for this damn job.
CJ Whatever you want, you want a ride, anyway?
OG Loc Sure thing, let's roll.
CJ takes OG Loc back to the Burger Shot.

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