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Ocean Docks, Los Santos.

Ocean Docks is the main port & an unincorporated community in Los Santos, San Andreas. It is based on San Pedro port in Los Angeles, CA. This port represents The Port of Los Angeles. Ocean Docks is surrounded by Los Santos International Airport and the districts of Willowfield and Playa del Seville. It is a primarily industrial zone where there is a National Guard depot that contains a lot of valuable military weapons. The depot, however, was infiltrated by Lance "Ryder" Wilson and Carl Johnson so that their gang, the Grove Street Families, would have more weaponry.

Ocean Docks3

National Guard Depot in Ocean Docks.

Ocean Docks is mainly on an island and partly on the mainland, with three connecting bridges, one of them is the Ocean Docks bridge. The road quality in general is very poor, though Ocean Docks has good road connections with Los Santos and Las Venturas because the seafront road in Los Santos passes next to it. The docks are served by a small train depot on a line which connects Ocean Docks with Unity Station. On the east side there is a cargo ship possibly delivering supplies to the National Guard Depot. In Ocean Docks you can find a Packer, a Tow-Truck, and two large transport vehicles.

Ocean Docks Map

Ocean Docks location




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