Officer 1214 walking on a beat.

"Not your lucky day son no funny shit! or I'll put one in your spine"
―Officer 1214

Officer 1214 is an overweight cop in Grand Theft Auto IV.  


Officer 1214 shows strong aggression and abuse of authority when apprehending, chasing a suspect and/or the player, saying comments like "Not your lucky day son, no funny shit or I'll put one in your spine". The officer also takes pride in his job stating the uniform gives him power. He is just like the other heavy weight cops and runs slower than slim cops. He does however, just like the other police officers, have a good aim to strike a player or a fleeing suspect.

He can be seen on patrol everywhere in Liberty City, often alongside fellow overweight officer Joey (GTA IV).

Just like all the officers in GTA IV, there are shifts starting at different hours. Heavy weighted cops go on duty as fit cops come off repeating the cycle. However all the heavy weighted cops seem to be brutal towards criminals and tend to show signs of their abuse of power and use of police brutality.