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Not to be confused with Offroad Races in GTA Online.

Offroad Races are a series of races available in Grand Theft Auto V.


They are unlocked after the mission Mr. Philips, by a text message send by Ron. Unlike the Hao Street Races, the offroad races can be completed by any Protagonist. To unlock a race, the player must complete the previous race. Earning medals in races counts towards the Hobbies and Pastimes part of the 100% Completion in GTA V. There are 4 races with bikes and 2 with off-road trucks.


Canyon Cliffs

The race starts at the Raton Canyon near the Pacific Ocean and follows the road towards the Alamo Sea. The race can be completed on either a Motorcycle or an ATV. The reward for winning the race is $500.

Ridge Run

This race starts at Galileo Road in the Great Chaparral and ends at Route 68. The race has to be completed in an off-road vehicle like any SUV or pick-up. The reward for winning the race is $500.

Mineward Spiral

Mineward spiral is the second offroad race on an ATV or a motorcycle. It's a race around the Davis Quartz. Winning the race earns the player $500. The race is open from 20:00 to 03:00.

Valley Trail

This race runs along Cassidy Creek from the Alamo Sea towards the Pacific Ocean, and finishes at the start of the first race, Canyon Cliffs. The race is on ATVs or motorcycles. The reward of this race is $500.

Lakeside Splash

This is the last ATV/Motorcycle race. It starts at Marina Drive in Sandy Shores near the Alamo Sea, where the final Triathlon also begins. It runs along the coast of the Alamo Sea and ends in Grapeseed. The reward of the race is $500.

Eco Friendly

Another offroad race with trucks. It is a race through RON Alternates Wind Farm, so it has some tricky sharp turns. Like in all other offroad races, the reward is $500.



GTA 5 - Offroad Races15:03

GTA 5 - Offroad Races


  • Every time that the player complete a race for the first time with one of the protagonists, they will unlock the X Outfit in the wardrobe of the respective protagonist. It is necessary to complete an offroad race with the three protagonists to unlock each of them this outfit.
  • At the begining of each race, the radio will always be tuned into Los Santos Rock Radio.
  • It is best to do these with Franklin, due to his special ability.
  • Is possible to do a race with a character's vehicle, but is unknown how the race considers the vehicle. It seems that a correct vehicle type and starting the race while onboard will get this result.


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