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[[Category:Characters in GTA IV|Minkov, Oleg]]
[[Category:Characters in GTA IV|Minkov, Oleg]]
[[Category:Deceased characters]]
[[Category:Deceased characters]]

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Oleg Minkov shortly before his death.

Oleg Minkov (Russian: Олег Минков) is a Russian civilian living in Hove Beach.

He began to spread subversive ideas against the U.S. government through the internet and soon after became extremely paranoid, believing that the government wanted to kill him for what he wrote. Sure enough, a government agent at United Liberty Paper hires Niko Bellic to kill Minkov, which he does after an extensive car chase.


  • If you look at Minkov's e-mails, one of them is from, telling him to quit his investigation. This may mean that Goldberg, Ligner and Shyster law firm was going to have a case against the United Liberty Paper. This also means Oleg may work for the law firm as well.
  • There is a portrait in Oleg's apartment above his fireplace of Mr. McReary and Maureen McReary. This is because in the files, the model fireplace is attached to the picture frame, so when used in Oleg's apartment, the picture went with it.

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